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Gas Station Valuation

The energy market sector is subject to the law and operation and petroleum market law, etc., except for real estate compared to other sectors. It includes different elements such as These elements can be grouped under the following headings.

  • Non-Sanitary Enterprise License

  • EIA Report

  • Dealer - Distributor Agreement

  • EMRA License

  • Usufruct Period

  • Usufruct Period

The licenses are as follows

  • Refiner License

  • Processing License

  • Mineral Oil License

  • Storage License

  • Transmission License

  • Free User License

  • Bunker Delivery License

  • Distributor License

  • Transport License

  • Dealer License

The quality of a fuel-LPG station, station project, rights-benefits connected to the station (usufruct right, sales volume, etc.), the probable market, rent or demanded value of a filling facility or refinery on a certain date, independently and impartially, and the quality that affects this value, By analyzing all kinds of factors such as quantity, machinery and equipment, market conditions, it can report in writing within the framework of internationally accepted valuation standards and serves as experience, knowledge and experience.

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