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Land and Land Valuation

Land and land valuation is an important process in the real estate industry. These valuations are carried out for purposes such as determining the property value of a plot or land, determining its investment potential, accurately reflecting it in financial statements, and supporting sales or leasing decisions. Land and land valuation is done taking into account various factors.
First, the land and land valuation includes elements such as the physical condition of the property, size, location, infrastructure facilities, zoning status and use potential. Factors such as the proximity of the land to the settlements, accessibility, and infrastructure connections are important factors affecting the valuation. In addition, natural factors such as the slope of the land, its shape and soil characteristics are among the factors affecting the valuation.


Tarımsal Alanlar

In land and land valuation, factors such as industry trends, market demands, sales or rental rates of similar plots or plots are also considered. These factors objectively support the valuation and enable a realistic estimate of value. In addition, factors such as economic factors, regional planning policies, zoning regulations and future development projections are also factors that affect the valuation.

Tarım Çiftlikleri

Land and land valuation is carried out by independent appraisers and is generally done in accordance with internationally accepted valuation standards. These valuations ensure that they are accurately reflected in the financial statements and help them determine the true value of the land or land. In addition, it supports strategic decision-making processes and provides risk management by providing accurate information in sales or leasing processes.
As a result, land and land valuation plays an important role in the real estate industry and helps companies or investors evaluate their assets accurately. These valuations are made taking into account various factors such as physical characteristics, location, industry trends, market demands and economic factors. Land and land valuation is a critical tool for the successful progress and profitability of real estate investments.

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